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Hausner Hard Chrome Inc.

With two different repair service center locations, Hausner Hard Chrome (HHC) offers remanufacturing services to a variety of industries including power generation, mining, food processing, and heavy construction. Each location has a fully-staffed machine shop offering grinding, machining, balancing, and fabrication capabilities.

HHC specializes in metal build-up repair technology including hard chrome and a variety of thermal metal spray coating methods. Mig, Tig, and ARC welding processes are performed by certified welders.

In addition to machine shop services, HHC also has the capability to perform on-site repairs including the use of brush plating technology.

The portable brush plating system used by Hausner Hard Chrome allows for dense material electroplating deposition of a variety of standard metals and alloys.

Because the process is selective, it is well-suited to accomplish local area material build-up and spot repairs.

The brush plating process allows for precise control of the thickness of the metal deposition so that post-machining and grinding operations are typically not required.

Applications for selective brush plating include corrosion control, reconditioning of bearings and journals, and on-site repairs to large machine components.

This article provides additional information about the HHC selective brush plating process.
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Contact Info

Hausner Hard Chrome

3094 Medley Road

Owensboro, KY 42301

Phone: (270) 684-2279

FAX: (270) 686-7571
Repair Capabilities
  • Repair Service Centers
  • On-Site Repairs
  • Metal Build-Up
  • High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  • Electric Wire Arc
  • Combustion Spray
  • Brush Plate Coating
  • General Machine Shop Services
  • Brazing
  • Weld Repairs

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