Brush Plating
Pump Impeller Repair

This project details the repair of pump impeller wear rings and drive hub...
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On-Site Brush Plating

Hausner Hard Chrome specializes in on-site repair services using Selective Brush Plating...
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PTO Housing Repair

A PTO housing thrust nut retaining threads became damaged and corroded over years of service...
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Tips & Techniques

Thread Repair Tips

The selection of an appropriate thread repair method for a given application is determined by several factors including... Read More
Shaft Straightening
Shaft Straightening

A bent shaft can occur as a result of damage during shipment, rigging, or operation. This detailed article discusses various shaft straightening methods.
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Industry News
Rolls-Royce granted patent for laser-brazing BLISKs Brazing powder is jetted into the laser beam and shields the blade, so that only the brazing metal is heated and melted.
Aerospace Brazing Today, Tomorrow Inside turbines, the use of pre-sintered preforms (PSPs) are to repair vanes that are breaking down due to excessive heat and wear.
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