Update Info Form

This Update Info Form is designed to allow Suppliers of repair services to change or update any information that they have previously submitted to RepairEngineering.com.

Some examples of the types of information that can be changed or updated using this form include the following...

  • Update Supplier Profile information including change of address, the addition of a repair service capability, etc.
  • Update the content description for a previously submitted Repair Project that a Supplier submitted to RepairEngineering.com.
  • Request a deletion of any content that a Supplier previously submitted to RepairEngineering.com.

This Form is limited to use by current Repair Services Suppliers that are listed in the Repair Services Directory.

To learn more about becoming listed in the Directory... Click here.

Update Information Form

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Terms and Conditions:
By submitting this Form, I hereby request a modification of content that was previously submitted to RepairEngineering.com.

I acknowledge that I am authorized to represent the Repair Service Supplier that is identified in this Form and understand that RepairEngineering.com may, at its discretion, make direct contact with the Supplier to independently verify the accuracy of the information that is submitted in this Form before making the requested modifications to content.

I certify that I have the right to submit the content that I am submitting. I agree to grant to RepairEngineering.com an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on RepairEngineering.com. Submission of photo(s) or other image(s) is on a non-exclusive basis. I grant RepairEngineering.com the right to pursue anyone who copies my submission.

I affirm that any information provided to RepairEngineering.com for website display is original content, not copied, that is owned by the Repair Service Supplier identified in this submittal Form. I understand that any content that violates any copyrights will be deleted.

I agree that RepairEngineering.com may make minor changes to the submitted content to improve clarity and readability, and to correct punctuation and typographical errors.

I am of full age and freely agree to these terms which I have read and understand.